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Save with Bi-Weekly Payments

How much money you could save switching to bi-weekly payments?

With Bi-weekly Payments:

  • 26 payments are made each year rather than 12, resulting in one full extra payment to the loan every year
  • Principal balance is reduced every two weeks instead of monthly
  • The lifespan of your loan is reduced.

The chart illustrates your savings by using the bi-weekly payment option.

Home Loan Amount Payment Re-paid In Interest Savings!
$100,000 $521.65 30 Years $87,794 N/A
$100,000 $261.00
25 Years, 4 Months $58,688 $29,106 in interest and 4.5 years of payments
$100,000 $300.00
19 Years, 9 Months $42,200 $45,594 in interest and over 10 years in payments

All calculations are based on a 30-year fixed rate home loan at 4.75%APR. This is for educational purposes only.